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         Born and raised in Taipei, Larry Chang held a deep fascination for arts of all forms. From a young age, he has been classically trained in piano, dizi (Chinese flute) and music theory and is at home with classical, jazz, pop, rock, theater, as well as film music. In order to combine art with business, Larry chose to study in National Taiwan University (NTU) and received his B.B.A. degree in 2011. In college, Larry actively collaborated with various student film and theater projects and gained his practical experiences as a composer, arranger and performer.
         Larry began focusing on scoring for film and theater after graduation. He learned to manage work well in a team in every project and has composed for an array of films and theaters.
         Larry also learned 2D and 3D animation in his free time. He managed to produce his own animated films and projects.

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Zone Pro Site

         Zone Pro Site is a movie talking about the traditional Taiwanese cook and cuisine, and their way of living that affects the young generation. Zone Pro Site won a 300 million box office in Taiwan & its music was nominated to be the Best Original Film Score in Taipei Golden Horse Award (Taiwan’s equivalent to the Oscars) Larry was responsible as additional music composer and performer of traditional Chinese music instrument, Dizi and Bawu, in this film.

The Great Escape from Café City

         The Great Escape from Café City is a short film. The story cynically talks about a guy who discovered all the little happiness happened in his life is nothing but faking & manipulated. Larry was responsible as one of the composer in this film. He created an awkward atmosphere to make everything sounds like madness.

The Adventure of Shimajiro – Rescuing the Stolen Rainbow

         The Adventure of Shimajiro is a children’s theater production. In the story, the main characters go through an adventure trying to rescue the rainbow which has been stolen by bad guys. Larry composed music for several magical themes and some interesting songs.

Show On APP

         Show On APP is a theater production that designed as the monologue of an ordinary pink-collar worker discussing critically about what life is all about. Larry designed various kinds of listening experience correspond to the colorful thought in the mind of the leading actress.


         K24 is a TV-series style theater production. In the story, a stupid agent runs into huge murders with a suspicious but funny theme. Larry composed some songs for the characters.

Goodbye Lady

         Goodbye Lady is a theater production talking about a love story in a family. It’s about a single mother shares house with an actor who changes her life afterward. Larry was responsible as additional music composer.


         Faithball is a movie about a Taiwanese baseball team and how they determine themselves to win the game with beliefs. Larry combined a full symphony orchestra with traditional Chinese instruments for its trailer music.

The Sight of One’s Back

         The Sight of One’s Back is a student’s short film talking about the daily life of Taiwanese family in old days. Larry was responsible as the music composer. He used traditional Taiwanese music instrument to recall the nostalgic feeling of those old days in Taiwan. The film was chosen as the opening movie in the 19th Radio, TV and Film Festival of Shih Hsin University- the greatest honor in the festival.

Tainan Love God V.S. Cupid

         Tainan Love God V.S. Cupid is a comedy about the battle between western and eastern love God. Larry was responsible as the music composer for both the trailer and the main film.

Three Little Pigs

         Three Little Pigs is a bank commercial designed by Larry. He not only designed the script but drew the animation and composed the music.

In the Forest

         An animated production talks about the story between a little bear & a beautiful flower. The story discusses the meaning of loving and giving. In this project, Larry tries to develop the script at the same time draws the animation and composes the music.

My Favorite Toy

         An animated picture book talks about a boy brings his favorite toy, a doll, to go to school. The story discusses the gender issue in the perspective of an innocent boy.

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